Growing Inclusion:
Annual Report 2016-2017

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A Greater Toronto Region that prospers by fully engaging the contributions of immigrant professionals.


Create and champion solutions to better integrate immigrant professionals in the Greater Toronto Region labour market.

Messages From TRIEC's Leaders

Messages From The Board
Image of Zabeen Hirji - TRIEC's Council Chair

Zabeen Hirji

Message from TRIEC's Council Chair

Image of TRIEC's Board Chair Catherine Chandler-Crichlow

Dr. Catherine Chandler-Crichlow

Message From TRIEC's Board Chair

Image of TRIEC's Executive Director Margaret Eaton

Margaret Eaton

Message From TRIEC's Executive Director

Highlights from 2016-17:
Progress towards our three strategic goals

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Lead employer culture change

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97% of mentors were satisfied with their experience in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

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Worked with 402 employers in 2016-2017 to grow diversity and inclusive practices

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Supported employer culture change with 47 organizations taking part in 'Leading the Conversation'

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4,618 e-learning resources were downloaded, and 2,451 e-learning modules completed by TRIEC Campus users this year

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Career advancement pilot, with a financial sector partner, helped 60% of participants progress to new roles that better fit their experience

Reach and empower more skilled immigrants

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76% of Mentees found employment commensurate with their skills and experience

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Matched 1477 recent immigrants with a mentor in their professional field - a new record for matches in a single year under TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

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93% of newcomers who were mentored through TRIEC Mentoring Partnership were satisfied with their experience

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Developed a new ‘Referral Partner’ model to give more immigrants access to mentoring through TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

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Delivered Four CanPrep webinars to help newcomers learn about the Canadian labour market before arriving in Canada

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CanPrep participants completed 5,384 e-learning modules, helping them achieve success in Canadian workplaces

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Ongoing collaboration with LEAP: The Centre for Social Impact to grow TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

Two new associations joined the PINs program in 2016/17



Four new partners joined the PINs program in 2016/17

Access Community Capital Fund

Ana Data Consulting

Focus Inspired

Denley Education

Stories of Success

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Helping GTA employers develop more inclusive cultures

Recognition of partners and volunteers

An effective recognition program is one way to engage and thank the dedicated partners and volunteers who contribute their time and energy to the program.

Leading the Conversation program success

TRIEC partnered with the Ontario Non-profit Network to develop and carry out Leading the Conversation: Inclusion in Non-profits.

Improved employment outcomes for immigrant professionals

Developed Referral Partner program for TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

We developed a two year pilot program called the Referral Project in collaboration with seven settlement and employment agencies across the GTA.

Career Advancement pilot program

TRIEC worked with one of our long-time employer partners in the financial sector to pilot a Skilled Newcomer Advancement Program

Growing TRIEC and partner capacity

Professional Immigrant Networks Videos

In partnership with New Horizons Media, the Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs) produced a series of videos that showcase different aspects of the work that PINs associations do, and the benefits they offer to their members and leadership. The four-video series features leaders from different associations within the PINs network.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

How our funds were raised

Graph Showing Revenue

How our funds were spent

Graph Shing Expenditures

Total revenue and expenditure

Government of Canada $1,310,043.00
Government of Ontario $803,111.00
Corporate donations and sponsorships $194,421.00
Foundations $329,628.00
Other Donors, interest income and other income $61,064.00
Total $2,698,267.00  
Program Delivery  
Employer engagement activities $550,842.00
Immigrant employment initiatives $1,168,033.00
Program development and project support $262,636.00
Core Support $688,354.00
Total Expenditures $2,669,865.00  

Thank you to our funders and sponsors

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Board members:

  • Dr. Catherine Chandler-Crichlow

    President and Chief Human Capital Officer, 3C Workforce Solutions

  • Stephen Boutilier

  • Doron Telem

    National Leader, Risk Consulting Partner, Advisory Services KPMG

  • David Agnew

    President, Seneca College

  • Joan Andrew

  • Sai Cherla

    VP and Head of IT Project Management Office, Bank of Montreal

  • Craig Hapelt

    Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

  • Sunil Johal

    Policy Director, Mowat Centre, School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto

  • Geoffrey King

    National Director, Financial Services Industry Digitization, Cisco Canada

  • Timothy Owen

    Director, World Education Services Canada

  • Sevaun Palvetzian

    Chief Executive Officer, CivicAction

  • Allison Pond

    Chief Executive Officer, ACCES Employment

  • Waheeda Rahman White

    Director, Oganizational Development and Diversity, Scarborough and Rouge Hospital

TRIEC Staff:

  • Margaret Eaton

    Executive Director

  • Debbie Lupton

    Director, Operations

  • Debroy Chan

    Director, Immigrant Inclusion Strategies

  • Anna Shreyer

    Program and Executive Assistant

  • Tulan Ma

    Senior Manager, Growth Project

  • Lisette Andreyko

    Business Analyst

  • Helen Davies

    Senior Manager, Communications

  • Rick Weiss

    Communications Specialist

  • Aruna Dey

    Communications Specialist, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

  • Rohit Singh

    Communications and Program Assistant

  • Nichola Johnson-Young

    Senior Manager, Employer Relations

  • Kerri Brock, Manager

    Employer Relations

  • Ashani Ponnamperuma

    Research and Partnerships Specialist

  • Anna Kostecka

    Senior Manager, Learning Initiatives

  • Rachel Crowe

    Manager, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Learning Projects

  • Jihyun Jeong

    E-Learning Consultant, Learning Initiatives

  • Debroy Chan

    Director, Immigrant Inclusion Strategies

  • Shabnum Budhwani

    Senior Manager, Program Delivery, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

  • Beatrice Kohlenberg

    Manager, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Referrals

  • Meena Sankaran

    Program Coordinator, Community Partners, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

  • Rajni Sharma

    Program Administrative Assistant