Core Operations
Margaret Eaton, Executive Director
Debroy Chan, Director, Immigrant Inclusion Strategies
Rahim Vadsarya, Senior Manager, Finance and Operations
Farhan Ali, Finance Coordinator
Tulan Ma, Senior Manager, Program Development and Innovation
Lisette Peerlings, Manager, Information Technology
Helen Davies, Senior Manager, Communications
Rick Weiss, Communications Specialist, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership
Daniel Kim, Communications and Media Relations Specialist

Employer Engagement
Nichola Johnson-Young, Senior Manager, Employer and Stakeholder Relations
Kerri Brock, Manager, Employer Relations
Anna Kostecka, Senior Manager, Learning and Inclusive Workplaces
Rachel Crowe, Manager, Learning and Inclusive Workplaces
Jihyun Jeong, E-Learning Consultant, Learning Initiatives

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership
Beatrice Kohlenberg, Referral Project Manager, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership
Meena Sankaran, Manager, Community Partner Relationships and QA, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership
Aruna Dey, Manager, Employer Partner Relationships and Mentor Engagement

Professional Immigrant Networks
Rohit Singh, Communications and TRIEC PINs Program Coordinator