Our Story

In 2002, leaders representing the city’s various sectors and communities came together to hold the Toronto City Summit.

They held this conference to assess the Toronto region’s strengths and challenges, and shape future directions to move the region forward.

Following the Summit, a group of its delegates set up the Toronto City Summit Alliance (now known as the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance). The Alliance aimed to decide future priorities that would help the Greater Toronto region prosper.

One of the challenges the Alliance identified was immigrant employment – more specifically how to integrate immigrant professionals into the labour market. Employment is a key step in the path to settling in a new country, and immigrants face many barriers to employment in the Toronto Region.

To face this challenge, the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance and Maytree, formed TRIEC – the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council – the following year.

Now for more than a decade, TRIEC has pursued collaborative strategies to better integrate immigrant professionals into the Greater Toronto Region. We’ve worked with multiple stakeholders to create and champion solutions. We’ve engaged employers to make real progress towards building immigrant inclusive workplaces. And we’ve worked to enhance coordination among key stakeholders including across all levels of government, municipal, regional, provincial and national.

View the story of our first 10 years.

TRIEC was a program of Maytree until 2012, when it became a charitable organization in its own right.