Connect With Immigrant Talent Pre-arrival
In a globally interconnected world, the opportunities for employers to tap into international talent have never been greater.

CanPrep, a national program lead by JVS Toronto in partnership with TRIEC and others, offers employers the opportunity to connect to immigrant professionals before they arrive in Canada.

Through CanPrep, immigrant professionals are exposed to the Canadian workplace culture and job market pre-arrival. As an employer, you can raise awareness of and promote your brand as an employer of choice to internationally trained professionals who are already approved for permanent residency and are destined for Canada in the next two to 12 months.

How can you participate?

As an employer, you can participate in CanPrep in one or more ways:

  • Uncover an untapped talent pool – access immigrant talent before they arrive in Canada via Magnet, an online job posting platform
  • Increase brand awareness – participate as a panelist in one of four webinars for immigrant professional participants featuring trending topics that are relevant to job searching in Canada
  • Develop your staff’s cultural competence – engage your staff as online mentors to immigrant professionals before they arrive in Canada

What are the benefits for you?

As an employer in CanPrep, you benefit from:

  • Increased awareness and access to an untapped pool of newcomer talent based on occupation, experience, and skills.
  • Improved leadership, cross-cultural communication, coaching and mentoring skills for participating staff.
  • Enhanced hiring and retention of internationally trained professionals.

How does your support help skilled immigrants?

Employer connections to the pre-arrival immigrant professional talent pool will help participants:

  • Increase their awareness of how their profession is practised and how job search is conducted in Canada.
  • Build their professional network.
  • Have an opportunity to access employment opportunities via the job matching platform, Magnet.

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