Develop your diverse workplace

Half of our workforce is born outside Canada. These international professionals bring a world of international education, skills, contacts and work experience to our local economy – as well as many more ways to lead, communicate, collaborate, innovate and resolve conflict.

Are you ready for this influx of international business cultures?

To make the most of our diversifying workforce, we support leading employers to develop recruitment and onboarding strategies. We help them source immigrant professionals in ways that complement their current practices. And we help them build organizational leaders with cultural competencies, who can manage cultural difference in the workplace.

TRIEC can help you:

  • Onboarding
    Empower new hires to contribute quickly, as well as helping their managers create a welcoming and productive team environment
  • Communications
    Help your team better communicate with each other and internal stakeholders
  • Leadership
    Be a catalyst for change in your workplace and empower others to do the same
  • Employee development
    Equip your team with tools and skills to work effectively across cultural differences
  • Diversity strategy
    Develop a strategy that helps you achieve your business goals
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