Find Solutions

Find Solutions

Our goal is to engage employers so that more immigrants are connected to meaningful employment and better integrated in the workplace. We will work with businesses to find a solution, whether it’s finding relevant learning or training tools, connecting them to immigrant talent or using mentoring to provide staff with cross-cultural communication training and leadership coaching for an increasingly diversifying workforce. If your company is national, we can also connect you to partners who do what we do across Canada. In this section you will also find links to relevant events and success stories from employers already ahead on immigrant integration.

Our goal is to ensure that skilled immigrants can find meaningful employment in the Toronto Region that is commensurate with their education, skills and experience. Through The Mentoring Partnership, we work together with community and corporate partners so immigrants can gain industry insights, professional contacts and job search support from a Canadian professional.  We’ve partnered with professional immigrant networks to help them help their members. We can connect you with TRIEC’s CASIP partners if you need help finding a job, as we do not provide direct service to newcomers. TRIEC's partner, Career Edge Organization, provides paid internships for skilled immigrants through its Career Bridge program.

An immigrant's path to employment

As a skilled immigrant you may already know that a job-search process in Canada can take many steps. In this short video, we’ve captured the most common steps that immigrants take to find employment. You might not need to go through all of them, but being aware of all these steps is useful when you’re planning your career action plan and setting up goals for yourself.

Remember, there is the PINs network that can help you to connect to like-minded people or people in the same professional field and build connections that are essential to landing your dream job.