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Here you’ll find news clippings related to immigrant employment, TRIEC and our partners. The most recent articles appear below. Click on a year tab to see archived coverage.

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Ontario now the worst place for educated immigrants looking for work: Global News

“A national program that does what TRIEC does – matching immigrants with employers or other mentors and helping employers become more inclusive recruiters -would help, (the immigrant unemployment situation), says Ratna Omidvar, Chair of TRIEC Boar…

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Toronto is diverse but not as inclusive as it could be: Goar

“Having diversity is interesting,” said Zabeen Hirji, chief human resources officer for the Royal Bank non-commitally. “It’s when you do something with it that it becomes powerful.” …

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HBR Blog: Learning to Speak Up When You’re from a Culture of Deference

How does one cope while communicating outside one’s cultural comfort zone? How do you support employees from a culture of “deference?” Good piece by Andy Molinsky.
Source: HBR Blog Network

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HBR – One Reason Cross-Cultural Small Talk is So Tricky

Interesting analogy  for different cultures: Coconut or peach? And it is not about how hard it is to crack or soft it is to eat. Read on to understand the rules of what is appropriate and what is not to ask and share in a new culture. By …

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    Thank you RBC and Gordon M Nixon

    RBC has been a pillar of support for TRIEC since its inception 

    RBC have demonstrated their support to TRIEC in many ways. Since 2009, Gordon M. Nixon and Zabeen Hirji have served as ambassadors of immigrant integration as chair and co-chair of TRIEC. In the Fall, 2014, Nixon will retire from RBC and step down as Chair of TRIEC. We thank him for his support over the past decade. Watch this video to know more about his contributions to TRIEC and his thoughts on immigrant inclusion….

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