Become a Connector

CPP_0080Connectors are successful professionals and leaders with well-established professional networks in the GTA, who:
  • Enjoy making introductions and connecting others to opportunities and resources
  • Have a desire to support skilled immigrants with building their network
  • Want to bring value to their organizations and networks by referring top-tier talent who may not make it into regular recruiting channel
  • Have listening skills and can give supportive and effective feedback

The Connector’s role

  • Meet with a Participant
  • Listen, ask questions, and share knowledge of current market demands and the skills required in your field
  • Be honest; provide feedback to the Participant either directly or through the Connector Program Coordinator
  • After the meeting, provide the Participant with three other relevant contacts in your industry. Each of these contacts will be asked for three more. It’s then up to the Participants to follow up with Connectors and begin to develop their business network

While we encourage Connectors to build relationships beyond the first meeting, this is not a mentoring program. The goal of the Connector Program is to create networking opportunities.
If you are interested in mentoring opportunities please visit The Mentoring Partnership website

The benefits of being a Connector

  • Bring value to your network by connecting people who could benefit from knowing each other
  • Build your leadership skills
  • Access top-tier talent who may not make it into regular recruiting channel
  • Better understand the skills and experience immigrants bring
  • Expand and diversify own professional network
  • Be seen as a professional or organization who values and supports international talent
  • Make a difference, and give back to your professional community

How do I become a Connector?
Register online or email

Connector program pilot is now completed. Thank you to all who contributed to this program. We look forward to engaging with you in the future! To stay informed, email