Connectors - FAQ

initiatives_connector_become_faq_pageWhy should I be a Connector?
Becoming a Connector is a way to explore the hidden talent in the Greater Toronto area. Making a connection to skilled professionals who have worldwide ties and are ready to work will give your business a competitive advantage in today’s economy.


How do we meet?
When a suitable match is found, the Participant will receive an email introducing them to the Connector. The email will provide details including the Connector’s name, title, employer, phone number, email and a brief biography. Similar information will also be provided to the Connector about the Participant. The Participant is responsible for making contact with the Connector, to arrange a time and location for the meeting.


Where will the Connection meeting take place?
The meeting will be scheduled either at the Connector’s office or at other convenient location.


Who are the referrals Connectors provide to Participants?
Referrals are anyone within your professional network who would be appropriate to meet with a newcomer. This may be a contact in HR or someone who is looking to fill a job vacancy.


What happens at the first meeting?
The Connector shares with the Participant advice related to their career goal, discuss where the employment opportunities are, and provide them with networking tips.

Other topic ideas include:

  • Industry backgrounds, skills and areas of expertise
  • Industry related news
  • Current market demands
  • Hidden job opportunities in the GTA