How Does Connector Work?


How does it workThe Connector Program matches skilled immigrants (Participants) with successful professionals and leaders (Connectors) who have well-established professional networks. We base the match on the Participant’s target industry and career goal, and the Connector’s networks. Once the match has been made, the program sends an introduction email to the Connector and the Participant to set up a meeting.


The Connector and the Participant meet to discuss topics like industry background, skills and areas of expertise, industry related news, current market demands, and hidden job opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area


The Connector refers the Participant to a minimum of three people in his or her network. Each of these people then refer the Participant to three more. These referrals may be potential employers, influential leaders within their industry or other people who will benefit from meeting with a skilled international professional. As Participants meet with business and community leaders in the region, they gain a better understanding of the local job market, learn about the community, and are exposed to business and career opportunities available in the Greater Toronto Area. This simple, yet highly effective process significantly increases the Participant’s chances of finding meaningful employment in their field.