Carlos Paz-Soldan

Originally from Lima, Perú, Carlos is a technology professional and entrepreneur, as well as an active member of the community. After completing his BSc Degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering in Lima, Carlos emigrated to Canada where he earned his MBA degree from UofT.

In 1984 Carlos founded Tenet Computer Group Inc., a Toronto-based I.T. company, and expanded operations in Montréal, Ottawa and West Africa. Besides running Tenet’s traditional business, since 2010 Carlos also incubated Tenet Labs, a software division to develop innovative mobile solutions for sale around the world. In a successful exit in March 2016, Carlos sold his equity in Tenet Computer Group, while retaining ownership of the software division to launch Techmien Corp, where he is currently CEO.

Carlos is also the President of, having also served in its Board for 4 years, and is on a number of technology and community advisory boards, as well as being a member of several Hispanic organizations in Canada.