Black Female Accountants Network (BFAN)

Black Female Accountants Network (BFAN) members are Chartered Professional / Internationally trained accountants, experienced accounting professionals and university undergraduates of Afro Caribbean and Black African heritage from one or both of their parents.

They connect with each other and engage through online and physical meetings and networking events to uncover, identify and develop strategies to help each other in the areas of professional development, mentoring, personal branding and all other areas in relation to career development and professional advancement.

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Membership benefits:

As a member of BFAN, you immediately enjoy the following benefits

  • For newcomers, instant access to a professional community of like minded women
  • Opportunity to receive group mentoring, resume critique
  • A wealth of online articles and resources from our blog and social media sites
  • Gain new skills in public speaking, article writing and more
  • Job postings shared by other BFAN members (hidden market)
  • Opportunity to contribute, grow and develop the network as a network volunteer
  • Develop leadership skills by actively participating in our committees
  • Access to senior level executives within our profession
  • Access to member only meetings and industry specific career / networking events

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