Institute for Creative Exchange

Creative exchanges are at the heart of ICE. We believe that by exchanging ideas, visions and opinions between artists from a multitude of backgrounds and disciplines, we can actively support our members tap into alternative modes of communication that tell us something new about the world we live in today.

Through its programming, seminars, and workshops, ICE provides a space for its members to explore the vast possibilities of creative expression. Our team of distinguished arts professionals brings members on a path of exploration of different art forms, cultural identities, and modes of thinking.

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ICE has five areas of operation:

  1. High-end immersion workshops on which award winning international artists work collaboratively with the local artistic community to create an artistic project.
  2. Creative consultancy, mentorship and workshops.
  3. Acceleration for creative businesses, with special emphasis in international businesses looking to expand operations in the Canadian Market.
  4. Artistic residencies in Canada and abroad.
  5. Content projects and communications to our membership base.

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