Mining – Professional Immigrant Network

The Mining Professional Immigrant Network (M-PIN) is a free network that helps Ontario mining employers connect in person and online to collaborate with like-minded experts as well as internationally trained professionals in search of meaningful employment.

M-PIN aims to improve the integration of New Canadians into the Ontario mining industry. This network includes members from immigrant-serving organizations, Canadian mining companies, internationally trained professionals and more.


Community served

Membership benefits:

  • Employer events
  • Networking events
  • Professional development (e.g. training, workshops)

M-PIN’s online component runs as a subgroup of MiHR’s ENSEMBLE: The Mining Diversity Network. This free forum allows its members to create profiles, learn more about each other and network on issues related to diversity in mining. MiHR regularly updates ENSEMBLE with new events, blogs, and discussion topics, while industry employers are also able to post job postings and start site-wide conversations. As M-PIN sits as a subgroup within ENSEMBLE, members also gain access to other benefits such as monthly webinars. M-PIN also offers training for human resource practitioners in the mining industry to better recognize, address and prevent potential barriers to employment.

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