Nepalese Canadian Community Services (NCCS)

NCCS was established in 2000. It was an outcome of an intense discussion. Its founders felt the need of a Nepalese Community organization that would cater to the needs of new Nepalese immigrants and also those who were already in Canada. That very essentiality became the cause of its birth and its birthplace was 260 Wellesley St. East, apt 2814 in Toronto.

The essence of NCCS can be defined through several key concepts:

Identity – NCCS is a non-profit Nepalese Canadian organization without religious, political or governmental affiliation. Empowering Nepalese immigrants to perform well in Canada is the basic foundation of the organization.

Vision – NCCS’s Vision is of a place in which all Nepalese Canadians realize their full potential in societies which respect people’s rights and dignity.

Mission –  NCCS strives to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of Nepalese living in Canada through a process that unites Nepalese across Canada and adds meaning and value to their lives by: – Enabling individuals, families and their communities to participate and increase their own well- being – Promoting their rights and interests – Increasing understanding and unity among Nepalese of different culture

Commitment – NCCS is committed to achieving excellence in meeting the needs of the Nepalese Canadian people it serves by continuous improvement of its programs, processes and services. NCCS is also committed in maintaining healthy relations with other Nepalese and community organizations not only in Canada but all over the world.

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Membership benefits:

NCCS operates in several areas of community welfare for achieving its ultimate goals. Besides focussing on primary objective, it also is active in the field of mentoring program and professional networking within and outside Nepalese community. In the meantime, NCCS has also been offering entertainment packages on different occassions frequently to the community members so that they can enjoy backhome experiences.

Our activities include: mentoring program, professional networking, training, providing reference and recommendations, job information and communication training, health awareness, information sharing with newcomers etc.

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Membership fee:

Genral Membership: $ 10 annually and Life Membership: $ 100


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