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Canada is a country of immigrants. However, it is a fact that most professionally qualified immigrants to Canada have to go through a lot of struggle to settle in their new homeland. They suffer due to lack of proper information regarding their licensing requirements, job opportunities, and several other settlement issues. They have to undergo prolonged periods of uncertainty and insecurity about their future and constantly need help to get an entry in their respective professions. Lack of any support from family, friends and colleagues makes their transition into a new system that is totally different from the one that they left behind, even harder.

Immigrant professionals experience a huge gap in their support network, making their integration into Canadian society ever more daunting. Most of them are otherwise perfectly fit to immediately take up positions in their respective professions. However, due to lack of acceptance and proper networking, long-term survival jobs seem like the only options. These professionals are unable to compete in the Canadian job market because of insufficient language skills, lack of Canadian experience and qualifications, and an ineffective supporting network. It is not easy for any individual to cope with such difficulties without any meaningful and organized support network. Transitioning to any new system requires constant repositioning, realignment, and readjustment.

In order to help professionally qualified immigrants to Canada deal with such grim challenges ‘Proactive Canadian Professionals Association’, also known as PACPA, was founded in 2004.  PACPA realized very early on that waiting for help from outside sources will not solve the problem. Its primary objective is to help professionally qualified immigrants to Canada find gainful employment in their respective professions through networking. It is important to note that more than 85 % of jobs in Canada are filled through networking, without ever being advertised. PACPA is working to provide support to these professionals join Canadian mainstream as soon as possible.

PACPA believes that this transition process can be made easier through ongoing support and necessary guidance. This requires access to a network of professionals who are willing to help their fellow members as and when needed. PACPA currently has more than 1,100 professionals as its members and is constantly growing. It has now become one of the largest groups of internationally qualified Canadian professionals.

PACPA has made considerable progress in this regard so far, and will continue to help its members join Canadian mainstream as soon as possible. Canadian residents having professional qualifications are eligible to become its member. In just under five years PACPA has become one of the largest groups of internationally qualified professionals nation-wide.

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Membership benefits:

PACPA Membership Advantages:

  1. Exchanging of information, knowledge and experiences.
  2. Networking opportunities.
  3. Job search and resume preparation help. 
  4. Leadership and volunteer opportunities.
  5. Discounted professional development courses.
  6. Social networking events and get-togethers.
  7. Business Professionals Network for Self-employed individuals.
  8. Discounts from Cooperating Businesses and Business Associates.
  9. Reward points for member referral.
  10. Help in Will preparation.
  11. Transferable membership among chapters.

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