Toronto French Business Network (TFBN)

The Toronto French Business Network brings together the skills, experiences and energies of Francophone players in Toronto’s business community, in order to be a key support to French initiatives in Ontario.


The Toronto French Business Network aims to become the preferred network for French businesses in Ontario and their Canadian partners. It will represent entrepreneurs as well as major groups, through individuals. The goal is to gather and organize the French business community and open it to thr English-speaking worlds and Ontario francophones, through our expertise and our dedicated networks.

The Toronto French Business Network aims to become an influential force, autonomous and sustainable in the Canadian landscape.


A contributory, autonomous and sustainable community, made of business people led by common values and interests. This network supports French business culture in Ontario through opportunities, events and joint projects in the long term.


Being originally a French network, it is important that its members adhere firstly to French values. Of course, the republican and democratic ideals, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity must be the first to come to mind. But we urge you to also share the “joie de vivre”, humor and good mood, tolerance and respect for others.

As a business network, it is also important that members show solidarity, generosity and mutual assistance, and act with honesty and integrity. Accessible to all, the network can only exist on the basis of exchanges in the acceptance that to receive, we must also know how to give.

Finally, we urge everyone to keep an open mind and demonstrate curiosity.

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  • Integration in the community for newcomers
  • Connection between offer and demand

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