Governance workshop

June 21, 2011 – Maytree

“The session was very timely particularly since many of us are setting up our organizations and need the guidance as we move them along.”
– Participant

Developing effective not-for-profit boards

This governance workshop was an opportunity for new and established networks to get a refresher on the role of a non-for-profit board. The facilitator provided an overview of core governance functions and concrete examples of common practices and pitfalls.


Chris Govern, consultant, Management Advisory Service (MAS)


At this workshop, board members from networks were asked to do a brief self-assessment of their boards and to share their top challenges. Participants developed strategies to address these challenges with practical advice from the facilitator.


All boards must ensure that organizations have: (Excerpt from the MAS presentation)

  1. Direction: Set the direction of the organization and monitor achievement of the mission
  2. Oversight: Oversight of operations – ensure effective and efficient processes and organization
  3. Resources: Ensure sufficient resources to achieve the mission
  4. Protection: Risk management; protect assets and reputation; client and worker safety
  5. Representation: Act in the interest of the ‘owners’ (the community)