Learning Exchange Conference 2010

 Professional immigrant network leaders and members speak about their organizations and how they're learning from other networks.

In February 2010, TRIEC hosted the first Learning Exchange conference for professional immigrant networks.

Leaders from 20 networks participated in the full day event which included: a panel discussion, networking, a lunch keynote by Mike Lipkin and afternoon best practice sharing on the following topics: mentoring, linking networks to employers, leveraging web technology, marketing and outreach, fundraising and sustainability, career information and referrals and networking activities.

 Leaders at the Learning Exchange told TRIEC that they would like to see:

  • A ‘Network of Networks’ – by connecting professional immigrant networks, we can create a larger network to leverage the experiences of different associations.
  • Future sessions/workshops – there was consensus that further sessions would be helpful to fully explore some of the discussion topics. As a follow-up to the mentoring discussion, TRIEC convened groups in May 2010 who were interested in partnering on a group mentoring initiative.
  • Ongoing online communication – so that professional immigrant networks can share ideas, while learning about upcoming events and news.

These recommendations, and those gathered from individual consultations, provided TRIEC with the direction for work moving forward.