PINs Annual Event: Collaborating for Immigrant Employment

February 25, 2014 – Toronto Board of Trade

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On February 25, 2014, TRIEC hosted the Professional Immigrant Network (PINs) Annual Event: Collaborating for Immigrant Employment at the Toronto Board of Trade. Over 90 participants attended from 55 organizations including professional immigrant associations, employers, community agencies, employment service providers and government agencies.

It was an incredible evening of sharing knowledge, making connections, and generating ideas for how the PINs community can help Toronto’s skilled immigrants on their path to meaningful employment. Through the G.A.T.E.S. we identified 5 steps an immigrant should consider in the journey to employment.

  • Get Information
  • Assess Skills, Competencies and Resources
  • Access Training
  • Gain Exposure
  • Find Support and Make Connections

Find out more information about each of these areas in our video.

Our facilitator Tammy Neilson of Creating Realities then asked participants to map where they provided information and services under the five sections of G.A.T.E.S. Following that, participants were divided into roundtable discussions according to G.A.T.E.S. to highlight the most helpful information and services they provide with their clients or members and identify what else is needed.

These discussions were interactive and sparked conversations and collaborations. Participants highlighted the mapping and roundtable discussions as the best aspect of the evening. Ideas and new connections were made among new and existing members of the PINs community and all participants planned to follow up with their connections post-event.

TRIEC will share the information gathered at this event with the PINs community and use it to inform its work plan and activities moving forward.