PINs Annual Mini-Conference: Leveraging our Relationships for Impact

March 6, 2013 – Toronto Board of Trade

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On March 6, 2013, TRIEC hosted the Professional Immigrant Network (PINs) initiative mini-conference: Leveraging our Relationships for Impact at the Toronto Board of Trade. Over 100 participants attended from 58 organizations including professional immigrant associations, employers, community agencies, employment service providers and government agencies.

The goal of the event was to make connections and start relationships that lead to real impact for professional immigrant associations and their members. Participants shared stories of successful partnerships and collaborations within the PINs network including a collaboration between Scotiabank, JVS Toronto and several professional immigrant associations to deliver group mentoring to association members.“In 2011 we launched a pilot of the intercultural mentoring network based on a group mentoring model. So far, seven PIN associations have taken part,” shared Debroy Chan, Manager of Mentoring Services at JVS Toronto.  “What’s different about this mentoring program is that JVS Toronto helps to build the capacity of these communities so that they can run this program themselves.”

During the event, Tammy Neilson of Creating Realities facilitated networking activities that gave participants the opportunity to connect and discuss ideas for partnership and collaboration with others.  As a result of the collaborative atmosphere several new contacts were made, and one participant noted “I connected with over 25 people at the event and will be working to include them in our program.”

The event also sparked other ideas for collaboration including collaboration on entrepreneurship, co-hosting events for association members, collaborating on mentoring and ideas for future seminars. Looking forward, TRIEC aims to help the PINs community continue to evolve into a vibrant network with multiple hubs, where TRIEC is a facilitator when necessary, but where organizations, employers and service providers are connecting and collaborating directly.