Prior Engagement: Getting your organization ready to engage employers on recruitment

September 15, 2011 – Toronto Board of Trade

“The best aspect of the session was the presentation of the LAMBA speakers on the value proposition model and start-up experience of their organization.” – Participant

At this session, network leaders learned how to articulate their organizations’ value proposition as a viable talent pool for employers

Participants were given the opportunity to discuss and share how they would pitch their network to employers. This highlighted the importance of demonstrating the benefits and value of a mutually beneficial partnership with employers.

Guest speakers:

  • Rodel Imbarlina-Ramos, Manager, Corporate & Stakeholder Relations, TRIEC
  • Carla Boose, Assistant Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, Global Employment Strategies, Scotiabank
  • Gabriel Hernandez, VP Marketing and Communications, Latin American MBA Alumni Network (LAMBA)
  • Emiliano Mendez, VP of Fundraising and Partnership, Latin American MBA Alumni Network (LAMBA)


From his experience at TRIEC reaching out to employers, Rodel shared insights on what’s unique about the networks’ value proposition. Networks are able to provide a niche talent source, potentially untapped by competitors, that brings international expertise, cultural insights and language capabilities.

Carla emphasized the importance of long-term partnerships with employers and provided tips on what networks should do before engaging employers. These include knowing their brand and the benefits they bring to employers, and having the ability to deliver a talent pipeline of diverse, qualified candidates that are job-ready.

Gabriel and Emiliano from LAMBA shared their first-hand experience in creating a successful strategy for their organization that has resulted in partnerships with a number of corporations and business schools.


How to engage employers? (An excerpt from LAMBA’s presentation)

  • Understand employers’ objectives
  • Identify the synergies between your organization and each employer you wish to engage. Customize your approach, as each company is different
  • Possible approaches to developing new employer connections:
    • Involve them as event sponsors or guest speakers
    • Invite them as VIP guest to your events
    • Ask members to invite their managers/special guests to events


  • Video of workshop highlights (click image above)