Solution-focused Coaching: How to Present Career Advice

One of the most valuable roles PINs leaders play is to provide career advice to the members of their associations. An effective way of helping others is by leading them to discover the solutions themselves. Solution-focused coaching is a proven approach that promotes positive growth and builds confidence and motivation.

On November 30, 2015, PINs leaders and partners had the opportunity to learn more about solution-focused coaching in a live webinar hosted by Haesun Moon, Program Director of Solution Focused Brief Coaching Certificate Program at University of Toronto. The panelists were Elizabeth Mansouri, President, Leadership in Project Management Network (LPMN) and Annie Sun, Employment Support Worker, North York Community House.

The key take-aways of the webinar were:

  • To understand the process of shifting from problem-talk to solution-talk
  • To incorporate the solution-focused framework when providing career guidance and referrals
  • Tips and resources on solution-focused coaching


Webinar recording (free login required)
Solution Focused Coaching at a Glance
Five Pillars of Solution Focused Coaching