Strategic planning workshop

October 22, 2011 – Chinese Professionals Association of Canada (CPAC)

PINs leaders workshop: Strategic planning

“Great overview of planning and preparing for long term direction. It’d be great to have more in-depth topics explored in future workshops (e.g. operational planning, financial planning).” – Participant

Strategic planning is an essential tool for networks to determine where their organization stands, where it wants to go and how to get there. On Saturday, October 22, TRIEC held a leadership development workshop for network leaders at the offices of Chinese Professionals Association of Canada (CPAC). The group was welcomed by CPAC founder, Dr. Longhuan Kim.

At this full-day workshop, over 30 leaders of 13 networks learned key strategic planning concepts and processes. They articulated the strategic questions facing their organization, participated in development of goals and indicators, and learned how to prepare their organizations for strategic planning.

Guest speakers:

David L. Wilton, Director, Small Business Banking, Scotiabank

Chris Govern, Consultant, Management Advisory Services (MAS)


David started off the day by presenting how the business planning model can be used as a framework for strategic planning. He informed network leaders of the tools available on the Scotiabank website on Writing a Business Plan.

Chris then took leaders through the steps of the strategic planning process. Interactive exercises included identifying key trends in the environment that could potentially impact networks and their members. These ranged from immigration policies and the economy to volunteer engagement and funding. Another exercise involved the development of goals and indicators for a common strategic objective: increasing membership. A third exercise involved developing goals and indicators for TRIEC’s PINs initiative for 2012.

At the end of workshop, network leaders reported that they planned to:

  • revisit their network’s vision keeping in mind external and internal trends
  • initiate a strategic planning process
  • develop or implementing a strategic plan.


Lessons from Strategic Planning: (Excerpt from the MAS presentation)

  • Do work upfront to understand your external and internal environment
  • Ensure you have a clear mission and vision
  • The Board needs to own the planning process
  • A strategic plan is a tool. Make it work for you
  • Make sure the plan  addresses the critical strategic issues facing the organization
  • Keep the plan  strategic – not operational
  • Get a facilitator to help you through the process