Institute for Creative Exchange

  • Through its programming, seminars, and workshops, the Institute for Creative Exchange provides a space for its members to explore the vast possibilities of creative expression. Our team of distinguished arts professionals brings members on a path of exploration of different art forms, cultural identities, and modes of thinking.

  • We provide an opportunity for Canadian & Newcomers to have access to: Group Career Mentoring, Financial Literacy, Volunteering and Networking opportunities. We meet frequently and we use our website and social media to keep everybody informed and in contact.

Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC)

  • The Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC) is a volunteer based non-profit organization established in 2002. Our focus is to support economic development for Hispanic business in Toronto, Canada and Latin America.

TNO-IDEAS (Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office – International Doctors Exams And Support Group)

  • TNO-IDEAS aims to help members connect with relevant careers based on their skills in Canada by either: (a) the licensing pathway or (b) non-licensing employment opportunities related to their medical background.

Sheridan Internationally Trained Professionals Network

  • The Sheridan Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs) Network was established in February 2007 by the participants of the college's first Career Planning for the Internationally Trained program. While this network has been initiated by participants of Sheridan programs, it is open to all ITPs. Our objective is to provide the opportunity for Canadian Employers to benefit from the intellectual human capital of Internationally Trained Professionals.