The Power of Three Communications Workshop

November 22, 2011 – Maytree

“The best take-away from this session was the practical steps in communicating with potential employers, members and even with members and colleagues in the workplace” – Participant

Communicating the value proposition of networks to employers is key to connecting members to employment. On November 22, 2011, immigrant network leaders learned how to use the Power of Three as a communications tool when promoting their networks to employers.

Facilitator: Teresa McGill, President of Gandy Associates

Highlights: Teresa facilitated this workshop in which leaders were given the opportunity to apply the concept of the Power of Three and learn how to improve their communications approach on the web, in print and when speaking. This workshop enabled participants to present themselves as well-organized communicators, capable of carrying out objectives and confidently expressing a vision.

Tips: (An excerpt from Use Power of Three to Make Your Point, By James Gray)

The Power of Three helps you make the right decisions. It facilitates the organization of information, however complex, within three main categories: context, action and vision.

  • Context has to do with the background of an issue and your interpretation of it.
  • Action covers your initiatives, or those of others, and the outcomes they’ve brought or will bring about.
  • Vision requires an outlook on the future and a continuing commitment to a plan, goal or ideology.