ARES LOGO COLOUR CMYK WEBTRIEC and ARES Staffing Solutions today announced a new partnership aimed at building more inclusive workplaces. The partnership marks the first time TRIEC  has formally partnered with a recruitment and staffing solutions firm to advance their mission to integrate skilled immigrants into the GTA labour market.

“We have long believed that the recruitment and staffing industry has enormous potential to better connect immigrant talent with employers and help make workplaces more inclusive,” said Margaret Eaton, Executive Director, TRIEC. “This partnership with ARES presents an opportunity to explore and develop this potential, with a view to broadening and deepening our work with the industry.”

As part of the partnership, ARES will be promoting TRIEC’s learning programs as value-added offerings for their clients. TRIEC, in turn, has the opportunity to reach and engage with more employers to build even more inclusive workplaces.

“This meaningful partnership is a huge win for TRIEC, ARES, employers and job seekers” said Jack Nodel, Co-CEO of ARES Staffing Solutions.  “It fuses the industry-leading strengths of both organizations to help elevate Canadian businesses through ARES’ HR compliant recruitment solutions and TRIEC’s innovative education & mentorship programs. I feel very proud of the innovative people that came together to help forge this alliance.  Ultimately, it has the potential to help our customers generate increased revenues, output superlative products and services, and it stimulates the Canadian economy.”

“We enjoy connecting employers to resources that help create and support diverse and inclusive workplaces,” said Claire Colley, Co-CEO of ARES.  “By partnering with TRIEC, our clients will gain access to effective educational tools that support them to hire and retain a culturally diverse workforce.  It’s not enough to simply present top candidates to our customers.  Employers need talent partners who bring expertise that positions New Canadians for success, therefore positioning our customers for success.”

“We approached TRIEC to help enrich our Diversity & Inclusion Plan” said Anita Sampson Binder, Vice President of Recruitment Strategy and Delivery of ARES. “We feel that this dynamic new partnership brings a valuable educational piece to our customers, who trust us to effectively execute on their recruitment needs.  ARES customers rely on us to build strong, diverse teams that impact their bottom lines, and to incorporate Diversity & Inclusion initiatives that support the Designated Groups.”

“ARES understands what we’re trying to accomplish and has stepped up to help us make this a meaningful and fruitful partnership,” concluded Eaton.

ABOUT ARES STAFFING SOLUTIONS: ARES enables bright hires among employers and job seekers across North America. We deploy effective staffing solutions that lead to a heightened quality of business, while remaining fully legally compliant, and committed to diversity and inclusion. ARES achieves its goals through teamwork, risk management, innovative use of technology, and a commitment to privacy and accommodation.