Caroline Gayle

Caroline is the Managing Director who is responsible for our Technology Financial Services practice in Canada in Canada.  She has extensive experience planning, implementing and supporting the transition of large-scale technology solutions for Accenture’s clients. She has proven skills leading the delivery, sales, planning, estimating, and financials of project work. She has 22 years of IT experience in all industries including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Resources, Products and Government, and has worked with Accenture for over 21 years.

Caroline is an Accenture Certified Delivery Lead, Solution Architect and Quality Assurance Director. Caroline has experience in the delivery of projects with all methodologies: Agile, Waterfall and Iterfall. Caroline’s experience and expertise has spanned many roles including Delivery Management, Program Management, Release Management, Implementation Management, Requirements, Design, Testing, PMO Lead and Transition Support. She has extensive experience in implementing large and small systems projects.

In addition to her client-related work, Caroline is currently the Corporate Citizenship MD Sponsor for Canada, the Women’s Initiative MD Sponsor for Technology Canada, the Inclusion and Diversity Lead for Technology Canada, the NA AS FS People Lead, sits on the Boards of both Women in Communication and Technology (WCT) and the Holy Trinity School, and is the former Accenture – Futurpreneur Canada Lead. She is a member of PMI and has acted as faculty for various Accenture schools.

She is a hands-on leader that prioritizes the coaching and mentoring of our people and supporting our Toronto community, and is consistently recognized by both her peers and her teams for her passion for people development within all groups of Accenture Canada.  In 2019, she has been awarded: Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) Leadership Excellence Award for Mentoring.  Caroline has also received the following award:

– Toronto Women’s Advocacy Award which honors individuals who have enabled, engaged, empowered, mentored and been an advocate for women working at Accenture.
– Canadian Inspirational Leader Award which honors individuals who prepare and mentor our next generation of leaders, consistently shows gratitude and recognize people for their accomplishments and contributions and fosters a positive work environment and exhibit passion for Accenture’s work
– Canadian Hero / Making a Difference Award which honors individuals based on the scope and impact of work with our Canadian Corporate Citizenship team, the ability to lead, mentor and inspire a team and the demonstration of Accenture’s core values through their efforts
– North America Career Counselor (formalized mentor) Award which honors individuals who listen, advise, mentor and support their team members and are also strong people advocates.

Caroline is known as being a strong mentor both inside and outside of Accenture.  She is very passionate about supporting the next generation of women leaders in the Technology and Communications space.  Ongoing mentoring is an important part of her leadership style and is embedded in the way that she engages with her clients and her people. She works to make others successful by sharing knowledge, establishing clear expectations, giving guidance, and working on-the-ground with her teams to achieve success.

She has 10 Counselees (formal mentees) and countless informal mentees inside and outside of Accenture, all of whom have seen positive career trajectories – some of whom have been mentees for multiple years.  Caroline has led multiple, multi-year joint client and Accenture Women’s Mentoring Initiatives which have focused on the development and support of women’s careers whilst working on specific programs.  Men have always been a part of those initiatives. 

  • At Accenture, she has had multiple mentoring leadership roles related to Women’s Initiatives, over the past 15 years.
  • Currently Caroline is the Women’s Initiative Lead for 2000+ Technology folks in Canada, which includes 614 women. In her role she is responsible for developing and monitoring the Mentoring, Recruiting, Retention, Advancement plans for all 614 women. In addition, just in 2019 she has:

qIntroduced Stay Interviews for all women in Canada Technology with their Counselors (formal / informal Mentors)- this is as seen as the gold standard in retention activities

qCreated platform level recruiting plans, based on open roles, with specific female hire targets by platform

qHosted Technology Recruiting Diversity Event – Women in Technology attracting ~200 external participants

qHeld Unconscious Bias training – mandatory for all Execs in Technology

qHelped to create the I&D Brochure that is shared with all potential candidates to highlight all of the I&D initiatives we have in Canada

qCreated Diversity New Joiner Postcard which is shared monthly, to connect new female joiners with their Tech WI Platform and Location leads, and increase awareness of our WI initiatives

qContinued to roll-out the Women’s Leadership Development Mentoring Program across all levels, sessions included: Opportunities and Sales Process, Canada Plan to Get to Gender Parity, Team Strengths, Networking

qWorked with the global Accent on Technology Women group (AoTW) to host quarterly women’s webcasts globally

qHeld women’s networking/social events in all our major Canadian cities in each quarter

A quote about Caroline from one of her mentees: “Caroline is a strong role model and mentor for all the people she works with.  She is the type of person who is willing to make tough decisions for the good of the team and definitely has the courage to lead change.  She is quick to provide feedback that helps you to be successful.  She has built strong relationships with her teammates and clients through her honesty, integrity and work ethic. Her ability to foster a positive work environment for those around her is second to none.”