Michael Huynh

Michael Huynh, MSc, BCL, LLB, is General Counsel at Intellectual Property Ontario. Mr. Huynh is a Canadian lawyer with an interest in how government and public institutions share and use data to further the public interest. After completing his graduate research in medical genetics at the University of Toronto, he moved to Montreal to study law at McGill. He returned to Toronto and has held litigation, advisory and adjudicative positions with the federal Department of Justice, the Ontario Legislature, the University Health Network, an immigration law firm, the Immigration and Refugee Board, and two professional regulators including the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. Mr. Huynh has also worked with an organization that sought legal redress for victims of international atrocities (Canadian Centre for International Justice). He served on the Board of Directors of the Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic and of Access Alliance, two community organizations that served newcomers facing challenges accessing legal services and health care services respectively.