TRIEC believes in collaboration. Our programs work because of the expertise and resources within our partnerships and networks.

Here are some of the ways that TRIEC works with partner organizations to help deliver innovative, high-impact programs to workplaces and the community.

Employer Partners – mentoring

Employer Partners recruit mentors from among their staff, helping to change the lives of thousands of newcomers in the process. To find out more about becoming an Employer Partner, visit the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership website. (link opens in new window)

Community Partners – mentoring

Community Partners recruit newcomers to TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, and coach and support them and their mentors through their partnerships. Find out more about the 12 Community Partners who deliver the program. (link opens in new window)

PINs Partners

Partners in the PINs program can promote their services to PINs associations, or connect with association members to help fulfill their hiring needs. Find out more about what’s involved on the PINs microsite. (link opens in new window)

Talent Partners

TRIEC works with a range of partners to connect organizations to immigrant talent.