Talent partners

TRIEC works with a range of partners to connect employers with immigrant talent and support the creation of diverse and inclusive workplaces. The following are some of our main partners in this area:

CASIP (Consortium of Agencies Serving Internationally-trained Persons)

CASIP is a consortium of independent, community-based agencies and colleges that deliver employment and training services to skilled immigrant job seekers and to employers. CASIP provides employers with one point of contact to coordinate among and source immigrant talent served across its member agency network.


ARES Staffing Solutions

The recruitment and staffing industry has significant potential to help build more immigrant-inclusive workplaces. TRIEC has partnered with ARES to explore and develop this potential, with a view to broadening and deepening our work with the industry. As part of the partnership, ARES will be promoting TRIEC’s learning programs as value-added offerings for their clients. TRIEC, in turn, has the opportunity to reach and engage with more employers to build even more inclusive workplaces. Learn more


Career Edge

Career Edge connects leading employers with diverse, qualified talent through paid internships. Career Edge works closely with organizations of all types and sizes to place newcomers with high levels of education and diverse global experience in internships that meet employers diverse staffing needs. A high percentage of employers hosting Career Bridge interns offer them full-time employment, speaking to the job-readiness and high caliber of the intern talent pool.


Ontario Bridge Training

Ontario Bridge Training programs help skilled newcomers find employment commensurate with their skills and experience by funding employers, colleges and universities, occupational regulatory bodies and community organizations, with support from the Government of Canada. These programs are industry- or occupation-specific, representing narrow but deep pools of specific immigrant talent.


Local Employment Partnership Council (LEPC) in Peel and Halton

Ontario has launched LEPC pilots as part of the ministry’s work to modernize employment and training programs and services. One such pilot is coordinated through the Peel Halton Workforce Development Group (PHWDG), which provides a one-door approach for employers to reach job-seekers being served at employment service agencies across the west Toronto region. PHWDG pioneered NewComer Organization Group (NCON), a collaborative coalition of settlement and employment service professionals working directly with newcomer clients, to promote employment opportunities to immigrant job-seekers broadly across the region.