Today is International Volunteer Day (IVD), a global celebration of volunteers started by the United Nations 32 years ago. This year’s theme: Volunteers Act First. Here Everywhere – rings especially true to our collective work as a sector serving newcomers working to rebuild their lives in Canada. So much of TRIEC’s work and the impact it has could not be done without the contribution of many of the dedicated volunteers. No doubt many of you would say the same about your own organizations!

So today we say thank you to our incredible volunteers. To the mentors taking part in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, giving three months of their time to coach newcomers through their job search. To the volunteer PINS leaders who are running the Professional Immigrant Associations that bring together immigrants to connect, collaborate and find meaningful employment. And the partners who are volunteering their expertise to help us assess and increase the impact of our work.

TRIEC’s volunteers are leading the way to build a GTA that fully welcomes and values immigrant talent. For a newcomer, the early encouragement from a mentor, PINS Association, or supportive employer can make a marked difference in how they will integrate succeed in the local job market. In many ways, volunteers are ambassadors “on the ground,” driven by their desire to make a difference. Here’s what some of them say about their volunteering experience:


I can share the best practices that I have acquired with newcomers who need guidance and help them integrate into the system faster.
– Akhil Shah, Business Development Manager, and TRIEC Mentoring Partnership mentor


“I volunteer as a mentor in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program because I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to access education and meaningful employment.”
– Jennifer Veenboer, Policy Researcher, and TRIEC Mentoring Partnership mentor


“The most rewarding part of mentoring is when someone I mentored tells me that they have found a great job”.
– Ovais Aziz, Senior Risk Analyst, and TRIEC Mentoring Partnership mentor


“Volunteering is a platform to showcase my skillsets and passion.”
– Gautam Nath, Vice-President, Research and Corporate Communications, and PINs leader, Jobs In Canada


It gives me the opportunity to work with organizations to mitigate the challenges faced by newcomers in Canada.
– Amal Ratnayake, Chief Financial Officer, and PINs leader, CIMA Canada


It helps me make a positive difference in the lives of others.
– Fabian Marks, Director, Marketing, Global Wealth & Insurance, and TRIEC Mentoring Partnership mentor


It’s great to know that I helped play a role in changing the course of my mentee’s life
– Tim Tabassum Iqbal, Executive Director, and TRIEC Mentoring Partnership mentor


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