September means going back to school. The feeling is palpable around this time of year, even after we graduate and enter the working world. If the New Year is when we focus on self-improvement and personal growth, September brings a sense of renewed ambition and commitment to our professional goals.

A priority for many organizations is steering organizational development and training leaders to embrace diversity and inclusion practices. At TRIEC, we have resources that can help.

Whether you are a managing a team, in charge of company’s inclusivity policies, or simply want to tune up your cultural competence skills, TRIEC Campus – an online platform consisting of 90 self-guided learning resources – is a comprehensive and accessible framework to help chart your course towards success. It’s like going back to school from the comfort of your office! Here are 5 reasons to incorporate TRIEC Campus into your diversity and inclusion training.

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum with 6 Main Areas of Focus
    TRIEC Campus can help you assess your diversity and inclusion strategy, envisage where you want to go and chart your course to get there in 6 key areas of organizational development and leadership, including:

    • Recruitment
    • Onboarding
    • Employee Development
    • Communications
    • Leadership
    • Diversity Strategy

    The training offered through TRIEC Campus is applicable to all industries and has been used by a diverse range of businesses including municipalities like the City of Toronto, banking and financial corporations, technology firms, hospitals and recruitment agencies.

  2. Learning on Campus is Flexible
    Campus is an online platform you can access anywhere and anytime, making it easy to launch e-learning sessions or coordinate group sessions for your team according to your own schedules.The self-directed learning approach also means you can start and stop sessions as you need and pick and choose the areas you wish to focus on.
  3. Campus is Customizable to Your Organization’s Needs
    All TRIEC Campus learning modules and resources are available for free. But if your organization has a specific goal in mind and would like guidance on how to get there, TRIEC can offer its expertise to develop customized learning plans based on your organization’s needs.TRIEC Campus modules can also be uploaded onto your existing LMS and be seamlessly integrated to build on your existing diversity and inclusion strategies.
  4. Online learning works!
    Recent research has brought to light the merits of online learning. The TRIEC Campus e-learning platform not only brings the benefits of self-directed learning – users can also cater to their own learning styles and needs. Each module is supported with e-learning pieces, printable resources, videos & guides and workshop materials to support your knowledge and understanding.
  5. Campus Equips You to Facilitate Workshops
    Campus offers comprehensive facilitator guides, participant manuals and supporting documentation to help you lead the conversation around diversity and inclusion. These workshops can be adopted by Employee Resource Groups or Committees, and delivered as lunch and learns or integrated into strategic planning.

For more information about how TRIEC Campus can be optimized to reach your organization’s goals contact our Employer Engagement team at