Build your inclusive workplace

Immigrants make up half of Toronto’s workforce.  

The Employer Relations team at TRIEC supports employers to develop culturally diverse workplaces, connecting them to immigrant talent pools and helping them become more inclusive while ensuring alignment with organizational goals. The team strives to help employers in the GTA cultivate an ‘employer-of choice’ brand, and meet their corporate social responsibility (CSR) priorities.

Find out how TRIEC can help your organization build an inclusive work environment, and leverage this key source of talent.

Contact the team

Phone: 416 944 1946 ext. 415


Gain the skills and competencies you and your staff need to make your workplace more inclusive. Whether it’s e-learning solutions or in-person workshops and programs you’re looking for, we can help.

Make an impact with mentoring

Help your employees give back to their professional community and gain valuable leadership skills, by offering them the chance to mentor a newcomer.

Inclusive Workplace Competencies

A framework to help organizations define and set the standard for inclusion in the workplace.

Find immigrant talent

Looking to hire from the immigrant talent pool? We can help you connect with this rich source of diverse talent.