Many associations in the Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs) program have partnerships with international organizations around the globe. In this article, we find out how some of these associations work with their international partners to build capacity and benefit their members.

Marcela Chein, EXATEC Ontario

The EXATEC Network is made up of alumni from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education- a university based in Mexico with multiple campuses across the country. There are 54 Mexico-based and 24 international Associations, including three in Canada: Quebec, Vancouver and Ontario. EXATEC Ontario, established in 2002 as EXATEC Canada, was the first one to be formed and is the largest chapter in the country.

We regularly communicate with other EXATEC associations via virtual quarterly meetings and social media platforms. We also have an annual Leadership Summit in Monterrey where we can network, share best practices, and collaborate on projects with other EXATEC Presidents. We have shared resources on topics such as membership engagement, successful events organization, and social media management. As most of us still have a strong connection to our home country, we can ask for connections, information or even do business.

EXATEC Ontario also helps alumni who are newcomers to Toronto by sharing our experiences. We serve as a landing association where any alumni from Tec de Monterrey can join, ask, volunteer and learn about the new system in which they are living now. We also refer them to any job opportunity we get. Through our IntegraTEC Ontario program, we offer support by reviewing resumes, connecting them with our network, providing tips on networking and a one-on-one mentoring session with those who are already in the industry.

Being part of a global network benefits us, thanks to the great exposure and international recognition that we receive. Even if someone here in Ontario is not familiar with the local chapter, they might have heard about the EXATEC network, abroad. Being a member of EXATEC Ontario benefits us as we have a well-established network of connections all over the world. They can move to other places and get support to help them settle, meet like-minded people and re-connect with their career right away.

Alvic Doctolero, United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), Ontario Canada Chapter

The UAP, Ontario Canada Chapter is part of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), and the Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization of Architects (IAPOA) in the Philippines with more than 38,000 members in 154 chapters both locally in the Philippines and all across the globe.

We regularly share information about activities and programs among the chapters and attend the Annual Convention where we have the opportunity to network with official delegates from all the chapters. We are also in close contact with our sister chapter in Canada, the UAP British Columbia chapter and keep up with their activities through Facebook and email and social media

We also get inquiries from members of other chapters interested about finding meaningful employment, getting training, and the challenges of living and working in Canada. When they arrive successfully immigrate and contact us, we attempt to meet them and set them up with networking opportunities and share employment information and/or resources with them.

The chapter is focused on promoting and uplifting the new members’ spirits through training, networking, and community outreach. The leaders work hard in fulfilling the dream of every Filipino registered architect and architectural practitioner to be officially recognized in the Ontario architectural practice.

Inji Mekhemer, CIMA Canada

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), founded in 1919, is the world’s leading and largest professional body of management accountants with over 229,000 members and students in 176 countries. The head office is based in London, United Kingdom, with branches and offices in almost every country worldwide.

CIMA Canada has a close working relationship with the head office in London and works essentially as branch office reporting and accountable to the head office. All branches and offices can communicate with each other to share best practices to support members. We also receive a grant from the head-office to support professional development of our members living in Canada.

CIMA members across the globe have strong resumes based on their international management accounting qualification and their international work experience. However, there are certain nuances that are specific to the Canadian employment market and therefore, we started a mentoring program to assist them to adapt to the Canadian labour market and to develop their network of contacts. Members can register before or as soon as they move to Canada.

CIMA also maintains a global directory of members. Through this directory, our members have access to an international network to contact for business or when visiting other countries. When moving to a different country, all they have to do is update their profile and they receive messages and access to local information and a network of CIMA professionals they can connect with. This global network is a valuable resource especially in today’s global business environment and internationally mobile workforce. This access to CIMAs global network is also a key resource for immigrants as it provides them with a pool of like-minded professionals to contact and get advice about employment opportunities and building their careers in a new country.

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