With final votes all tallied and a minority government elected, the 43rd federal election is at last behind us. Happily, immigration did not become a wedge issue as we, at TRIEC and the immigration and settlement sector, had feared. To the contrary, TRIEC is pleased that it was, for the most part, quite the opposite.

Countering the trends in Europe and the U.S., anti-immigrant sentiment did not take form in the court of public opinion. All major parties publically stated, verbally and in their platforms, that Canadian newcomers are welcomed and valued in our country. They repudiated racism and xenophobia when given the opportunity. All in all, immigration was a non-issue and whenever discussed, party leaders understood that immigrants are significant contributors to Canada’s economic engine now and in the future.

This is a win for the immigrant professionals that TRIEC serves and a huge relief to all of us in the sector. Moving forward, TRIEC is pleased to work with a federal government and all Members of Parliament whose vision is one where the whole country prospers by fully engaging the contributions of Canada’s newcomers.

A minority government requires co-operation, compromise, and support of other parties to move forward any policy. But the fact that all parties heading to Parliament Hill see our immigration system as a positive to be improved upon is already a victory. In the weeks ahead, the government will take its seat in Ottawa and we’ll hear more from the Prime Minister on his agenda items as well as Cabinet appointments. TRIEC is eager to continue to be a critical partner with all Ministers, staff, and parliamentarians – especially from the 416 and 905 area – in furthering its mandate to champion better integration of immigrant professionals in our region. We look forward with hope and optimism.