IS AwardsIn 2006, TRIEC launched the Immigrant Success (IS) Awards to recognize the best practices of employers and individual champions in immigrant inclusion.


Over the last eight years, we recognized 37 companies and individuals who had demonstrated their extraordinary leadership in immigrant employment, made a positive impact through their work for both skilled immigrants in the GTA and their own or other businesses and whose initiatives were sustainable.


Started as a way to recognize the outstanding HR practices that already exist, the IS Awards were both a celebration of excellence and a way to share best practices and inspiring stories with others.


Winners represented a cross-section of society and industry. They showed that immigrant labour market integration was an issue that transcends all types of workplaces, and they showed that there are great things being done.


In the spring of 2014, we gave away the final round of the IS Awards to well-deserved winners.


Recognizing our past successes, we are now embarking on new journeys and undertake new initiatives.  At TRIEC, we believe that there is a wealth of skilled talent already here in the Toronto Region and believe that employers should make a reasonable effort to engage this talent first before looking elsewhere.


Stay tuned and follow us on social media (Twitter and LinkedIn) as we continue to seek out excellence in immigrant inclusion in the workplace.