Achieve results through diversity and inclusion best practices

Performance Criteria – within my organization, I…

  • Leverage diversity to innovate.
  • Provide guidance and support that recognizes and accommodates diverse team member styles and aligns with organizational and community requirements.
  • Collect evidence and report on progress towards achieving agreed upon D&I expectations and goals.
  • Recognize and negotiate necessary changes to drive inclusive behaviour, expectations and outcomes.
  • Use a wide range of employee engagement, feedback and recommendation mechanisms.
  • Consider diverse client needs and identify new markets, products and services.
  • Recognize and act on opportunities for diversifying external relationships.
  • Support goal setting to promote and implement D&I.



Definitions – what the terms used in this competency mean

  1. Feedback: informal, formal, diagnostic, formative, summative.
  2. Diversifying external relationships: suppliers, customers, community partners.



Required knowledge

  1. How the organization’s D&I strategy or activities, policies and KPIs support the organizational strategy.
  2. The business case for diversity and inclusion.
  3. D&I best practices.



Example(s) – what might this look like in practice?

  • You collaborate with your company’s Asian employee network to pilot a new product that is designed for the local community that is predominantly of South-East Asian background.
  • As a senior manager, you ask your direct reports to capture and submit examples of inclusive behaviours and the positive impact on clients.
  • A senior manager recognizes that the group of team leaders in the department is very homogeneous, so she sets a goal of having more diverse short lists for promotion and requests this for future lists provided by her HR advisor.
  • The Director of Patient Care realizes that the current make-up of the care staff is no longer representative of the local population demographics. He creates a plan to ensure that the health care services can be provided in a culturally responsive manner.



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