Collaborate on and contribute to organizational and community diversity and inclusion efforts

Performance Criteria – within my organization, I…

  • Am willing to share my own diversity and inclusion perspectives, interests and needs.
  • Participate in open and constructive discussions of differences, such as others’ perspectives, interests and needs.
  • Actively contribute constructive ideas and suggestions to build an inclusive workplace.
  • Demonstrate support for inclusive practices and decisions; challenge cynicism or myths expressed by others.
  • Encourage others to be active participants to effectively shape and progress organizational, community and stakeholders’ diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Monitor and effectively act on indicators of the current level of inclusion in the organization and community.



Definitions – what the terms used in this competency mean

  1. Indicators of inclusion: informal (colleague comments), observational (behaviours representation, etc.), formal (conduct surveys, interviews, focus groups, benchmarks).
  2. Stakeholders: relevant community members, shareholders, owners, subcontractors, customers/clients, suppliers.



Required knowledge

  1. Inclusive behavioural expectations
  2. Inclusive best practices
  3. Relevant initiatives



Example(s) – what might this look like in practice?

  • You take part in surveys, town hall sessions, dialogues conducted by the organization.
  • Informal conversations about specific decisions (such as accommodations, promotion decisions) take place on a regular basis within the organization.
  • You actively take part in a task force or designated group with a mandate to address inclusion issues.
  • You lead a work group or organizational D&I efforts, as appropriate for role of managers, senior leaders, champions, HR and/or D&I practitioners.