Contribute to inclusive workplace relationships

Performance Criteria – in my team, I…

  • Can identify shared perspectives.
  • Challenge assumptions about myself or others.
  • Engage with people and respond flexibly and positively in diverse groups.
  • Apply knowledge and self-awareness to deal effectively with the diversity-related dimensions of ambiguous situations.
  • Try to understand alternative perspectives.
  • Address micro-inequities that I observe
  • Take action within the team to mitigate the impact of systemic inequities.
  • Use a variety of strategies to develop trust amongst the team.
  • Provide support to colleagues and team members on how to work effectively in a diverse team.



Definitions – what the terms used in this competency mean

  1. Perspectives: opinions, cultures, experiences, beliefs, ability, age, gender, roles, networks
  2. Assumptions: stereotypes, prejudice, biases, conscious or unconscious attitudes
  3. Support: coaching, mentoring, training, feedback, recognition, commitment, information, resources, tools



Required knowledge

  1. Techniques for helping others to adapt their behaviour.
  2. Effective practices for interacting with others within a diverse group.
  3. The elements of Describe-Analyze-Evaluate.
  4. For each of these issues:
  • Stereotypes, assumptions, prejudice, and biases
  • Micro-inequities
  • Systemic inequities

You need to know

  • What they are
  • Common examples
  • Causes and contributing factors (societal dynamics, power, neuroscience, etc.)
  • How they impact within the workplace
  • How to recognize them (signs and indicators)
  • How to address them



Example(s) – what might this look like in practice?

  • You seek out a colleague with whom you have recently had an argument discussing how to fix a product issue, in order to better understand why you are so at odds and make sure your relationship has not been damaged.
  • You suggest arranging the quarterly team retreat so the team member from out of town can also participate.



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