Increase my awareness of diversity and inclusion

Performance Criteria

  • I can manage my own development.
  • I proactively seek feedback.
  • I’m open to constructive feedback.
  • I reflect on my performance with the goal of self-development.
  • I recognize my biases and how they impact on my behaviour.
  • I can change or adapt my behaviour to develop myself.



Definitions – what the terms used in this competency mean

  1. Feedback: in an ongoing, informal, or formal context e.g. during assessments. You can use this competency inside and outside the workplace g. in feedback from colleagues (360 degrees), clients, or from your personal network and influencers.
  2. Behaviours: including performance on diversity and inclusion



Required knowledge

  • Self-Awareness of values, beliefs, cultural conventions and language use, barriers, enablers
  • Reflective practice: the ability to reflect on your actions to continuously learn
  • Feedback: effective ways of obtaining feedback, feedback styles, barriers, enablers.
  • Emotional intelligence, understanding of behaviour change
  • Stereotypes, prejudice, bias: techniques to challenge assumptions about others, ways to minimize stereotyping, how become aware of your biases, evidence-based decision-making
  • Organizational culture.



Example(s) – what might this look like in practice?

  • Becoming aware that your team is less diverse than others in the organization.
  • Recognizing that your post-secondary credentials affect your appreciation of some colleagues with college diplomas and work experience.
  • You take the last 10 minutes in a day to reflect on one interaction that could have been more positive and come up with other ways of responding.
  • After working through an issue with a difficult client for the first time, you ask your supervisor for feedback on your performance.
  • Becoming aware of your unconscious assumptions and preferences.



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