Influence others to promote, embrace, and progress diversity and inclusion

Performance Criteria – within my organization, I…

  • Act as a role model for inclusive behaviour.
  • Consistently demonstrate integrity and credibility and build trust through inclusive behaviour.
  • Share ideas and goals on diversity and inclusion practices and approaches.
  • Give active and visible support to organizational, stakeholder and community diversity and inclusion initiatives.



Required knowledge

  1. Expectations of inclusive behaviour.
  2. Diversity and inclusion characteristics of organization, community and stakeholders.
  3. Purposeful diversity and inclusion practices.



Example(s) – what might this look like in practice?

  • As a busy senior leader, you make time to attend and actively participate meetings of your organization’s Employee Resource Groups.
  • You make “support for diversity and inclusion” a significant criterion for promotion decisions within your organization.
  • As a leader, you intentionally use storytelling as a technique to foster culture change and demonstrate commitment to creating a more inclusive workplace.
  • An employee volunteers their own time to contribute to a task force and D&I events.