Website photoThe Connector program pilot that we launched in October 2014 wrapped up this month.

Connector is an award-winning program created by our partners at the Halifax Partnership. We saw the potential to bring the program to the GTA for the benefit of both immigrants and employers.

Through the pilot, we matched 50 skilled immigrant professionals with 49 volunteer Connectors which resulted in over 125 meetings so far. Fifteen of the 50 Participants had completed the program as of September 2015, but the majority are still making connections. The last Participant is expected to complete the program in January 2016.

As we close our one-year pilot, we’ve learned that the program has helped expand the professional networks of immigrants and increased their knowledge of their industry and profession, supporting the search for meaningful employment.

We also learned that Connectors, the established professionals who volunteered with the program, also benefited by increasing their awareness of immigrant talent and being able to practice their cross-cultural communication skills.

Thank you to all who contributed to this program: our funder the Metcalf Foundation, as well as our partners, supporters, Connectors and Participants.

We look forward to engaging with you in the future! Stay tuned.