Last week, several TRIEC staff attended and presented at 18th National Metropolis Conference as well as the Third International Cities of Migration Conference that took place right before. These events explored a wide range of themes and considered the issues and opportunities posed by immigration. Here are just a few of the insights they walked away with:



  1. Clear priorities for the Federal Government

During his presentation at Metropolis, Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship John McCallum made the priorities for the federal government on his file clear: refugees, family reunification and international students.

  1. Making connections between immigrants and First Nations

At the Cities of Migration conference, the message was noticed that there is a need to identify how both First Nations and immigrants fit into the diversity conversation. It is not an ‘either or’ conversation but both require support. As well, there is a need to educate immigrants on First Nations history and issues.

  1. Employment as a human right

At Metropolis, Uzma Shakir, Director, Equity, Diversity and Human Rights Office at the City of Toronto made the point that employment is a matter of human rights. This is an aspect that few are talking about.

  1. Immigrant Entrepreneurs have a lot to offer

During a presentation at Cities of Migration, RBC highlighted the great opportunity we have to gain new and fresh perspectives from immigrant entrepreneurs

  1. We work in a vibrant and passionate sector

These conferences are an excellent opportunity to connect with colleagues and partners from across the country and around the world, reinforcing the importance of learning from and inspiring each other.


To learn more about the Metropolis conference, visit Also read about a panel on “Collaborative Approaches for Greater Employer Engagement” with TRIEC’s Employer Engagement Manager Rodel Imbarlina-Ramos from New Canadian Media.