Speakers: Rhonda Singer, President, Noanda Enterprises Limited
John Esvelt, Director of Information Technologies, FraserMilner Casgrain

Dial in at noon EST on Tuesday, June 24.

All individuals are raised within a culture. These cultures draw from a deep history that has created norms of beliefs, values, perspectives and behaviours about how individuals and groups interact with each other.

Cultural Intelligence enables people and companies to work with groups whose cultural background is different from their own. Cultural intelligence requires the knowledge of these different cultures and the ability to adapt behaviour to these differences when required.

Find out more about this topic. Hear Rhonda Singer, experienced Cultural Intelligence consultant, identify and flesh out the ways in which your organization can become more culturally intelligent and harness the diversity of its staff. Learn from her work with Fraser Milner Casgrain, the company’s efforts to become more culturally intelligent and the impressive results.

This tele-seminar is for employers or anyone with HR responsibilities.