On July 28th, 2023, TRIEC and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) co-hosted an illuminating event: “Ignite Your Professional Narrative: Flash Mentoring and Networking.” This engaging occasion facilitated a direct conduit, linking 27 aspiring newcomer professionals with 31 esteemed participants from BCG, including BCG staff members and alumni. This event provided newcomer professionals the opportunity to gain valuable insights and connections crucial to their journeys within Canada’s workforce.

The event focused on pivotal themes such as refining resumes, mastering interview strategies, crafting compelling elevator pitches, and navigating the intricacies of effective networking. Participants from BCG, armed with their wealth of experience, stepped into the role of mentors, generously sharing their expertise to guide newcomers through the challenges of the job market. Newcomer professionals who participated from the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership (TMP) and Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs) greatly benefited from these informative discussions.

The event’s impact resonated within the thoughtful reflections of its participants. Newcomers expressed gratitude for the guidance received, particularly in the finer points of crafting impactful resumes. Attendees commended the event for offering fresh perspectives, invaluable insights, and constructive feedback within a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. BCG Mentors were inspired by the newcomers’ remarkable talent and potential. Conversations underwent rapid transformation, offering attendees a realistic grasp of the nuanced current job market dynamics. Newcomer professionals embraced newfound confidence in acknowledging their accomplishments and abilities. These reflections beautifully showcased the power of collaboration and mutual learning, demonstrating how interactions between newcomers and BCG Mentors transcended barriers to foster genuine connections.

In the brilliant convergence of TRIEC and BCG, this event radiates the enduring promise of unity, knowledge, and empowerment, fortifying newcomers’ journey towards luminous career horizons. It exemplified how collaboration between organizations can lead to more impactful outcomes and provide support for newcomer professionals. Through their shared commitment towards building more immigrant-inclusive workplaces, TRIEC and BCG worked together to create an event that will help open more pathways and opportunities for newcomers in their careers in Canada.



The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) helps employers capitalize on the skills and experience of newcomers to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and helps newcomers secure work in their field of expertise. In partnership with corporations, individual supporters, community organizations and governments, TRIEC works to remove barriers to the labour market and to support the retention and advancement of newcomers in the workplace.