Acceess Training

Having the right training can help you find employment in Canada. You can access courses through employment service agencies, colleges and universities, professional associations and private providers.

Types of training include: occupation specific programs, technical training, language and communications classes, cultural awareness courses, and job-readiness workshops.

Here are some examples of types of training that may be most useful to you.

Learn online with TRIEC Learning

Prepare for the Canadian workplace with TRIEC Learning’s resources on networking, leadership, interview skills and other topics.

Language Training Programs

Learn about different language training programs and how you can access them.

Bridging Programs

Bridge training programs help qualified internationally trained individuals move quickly into the labour market in Ontario. Find out more…

Continuing Education

Continue your education in the GTA to develop your skills and add to your resume.

Education Loan Program

The Mentoring Partnership pairs skilled immigrants with mentors in their field. Mentors gain greater cultural awareness and leadership skills, while helping recent immigrants to better understand the job market. TRIEC runs the program in partnership with community agencies, companies and organizations across the GTA.