Employment Requirements

immigrant_get_info_regulatory_pageEach province in Canada is responsible for setting standards and education and training requirements for occupations and trades. As a result, there are different standards across Canada.

Some occupations are regulated. Regulated occupations have legal requirements or restrictions in place to protect the public.

Other occupations are not regulated: you can work in a non-regulated occupation [http://www.albertacanada.com/opportunity/working/occupations-non-regulated-occupations.aspx] as long as you satisfy the employer’s requirements. Employers will want to see that you have the education and work experience required.

These links provide more information on how you can work in a regulated profession in Canada.

  • Ontario Regulators for Access Consortium (ORAC)
    Information of interest to immigrant professionals, offering information, tips, best practices, and guidelines on regulated professions in Ontario.
  • Ontario Immigration
    Programs and services for newcomers working in regulated professions. This website will provide you with information and resources on how to get licensed, get help and find work in your profession in Ontario.
  • Global Experience Ontario – Regulated Professions
    Serves people who want to work in non-health related regulated professions in Ontario. Click on the link to learn more.
  • Health Force Ontario
    Helps Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs) find out how to qualify for professional practice in Ontario.