January is mentoring month and what better way to make a difference in 2013 than mentoring a new skilled immigrant. The Mentoring Partnership, a TRIEC initiative, has now successfully matched over 7,000 skilled immigrants with established Canadian professionals.

Mentors admit that they gain as much as they give. Mentoring is a great opportunity to improve your leadership and cross-cultural communications skill.


Sam Samanta

“I learn a lot. I learn about other countries, culture and education systems. And it’s an eye-opener.”


Riaz Shaikh

“Mentoring helps me to understand what employers are looking for and keep up with new developments in my professional field.”

Saleha Hussain

“If I can help one person at a time, I’ll do that. If I can reach out to even one more person, why not.”











If you are still thinking about a 2013 New Year’s resolution, become a mentor to a skilled immigrant. Here is how.