Mentoring can support your organizational goals.

Whether you’re looking to build stronger cross-cultural teams or enhance leadership training for your employees, mentoring is a great way to meet your diversity and inclusion objectives. Engage your team today with volunteer opportunities to give back to the newcomer community, all the while enhancing your employer brand as a good corporate citizen.

Join the many employer partners of all sizes, across all sectors, who are seeing the benefits of occupation-specific mentoring across Canada.

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership matches newcomers in the Greater Toronto Area with a mentor in their professional field.

Employer Partners in the program find and recruit mentors from among their employees.

By partnering with us, you will help change the lives of hundreds of immigrant professionals every year, building a stronger, more diverse, more prosperous GTA.



National Mentoring Partnership

The National Mentoring Partnership gives employers an opportunity to engage in mentoring at a national level in cities across Canada where they operate – from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

Employers can share coast-to-coast learnings from mentoring with other regions, unifying diversity and inclusion goals.

Mentoring nationally is a chance for employers to leverage the program as a talent pipeline across the company and Canada.